About Ocean Tuff Jewelry

Ocean Tuff Jewelry is handmade on Kauai, Hawaii. It is woven with an extremely durable imitation Sinew Fiber (100% polyester) that is pre-waxed with natural beeswax & will become softer with wear.

All Shells are hand-picked & uniquely Hawaiian. Ocean Tuff Jewelry is water-friendly & can be worn in the water while swimming, surfing, etc. No animals are harmed to create our jewelry, we take great care to ensure the shells are abandoned before collection.

Our jewelry is designed to last a lifetime with the right care – we know how special jewelry can be to a person.

How to care for your Jewelry

When needed, the jewelry can be washed using a natural sulfate free shampoo or laundry detergent  –  Washing with harsh soaps and/or chemicals is not recommended.

Occasionally condition your jewelry lightly by using coconut oil or other natural oil – this will help keep the shells lustrous & keep the sinew silky soft.

Avoid wearing in chlorinated water as it can fade the sinew materials from a brown to a lighter driftwood grey color faster than in salt or fresh/non-chlorinated water.