Ocean Tuff Jewelry - Julia Smart

What is Ocean Tuff Jewelry?

Ocean Tuff Jewelry specializes in unique handmade jewelry designs that are beautiful as well as durable. We use a unique waxed imitation sinew material that is weather and water resistant and is extremely strong – 1 strand can hold up to 70 pounds! This is why we chose the name Ocean Tuff (tough) – it really is Ocean Tuff. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about losing your jewelry while enjoying your favorite outdoor and ocean activities.

All of our shells and other natural materials used are hand-picked (either by us or other local shell collectors and divers) on the Garden island of Kauai, Hawaii. We take great care to ensure the shells are abandoned before collection.

Our jewelry is designed to last a lifetime with the right care, we know how special jewelry can be to a person. We take great pride in our work and art, and we’re always happy to take custom jewelry requests. Do you have your own sea shells or other pendant you want to make into a work of art? Contact us today! Mahalo for visiting, have a beautiful day!

~ Julia Smart

Our History

Ocean Tuff Jewelry officially began in 2009, but was a concept in the making long before then. Our original designs are still worn today and were designed and created over 10 years ago!

Founder Julia Smart and her sister Aerial Farr designed and created the original Puka Shell Anklet, with Aerial suggesting the name “Ocean Tuff” since both sisters had lost their jewelry – or had it destroyed – in the ocean while enjoying water activities in Kauai, Hawaii. The jewelry has since gained popularity- not only in Hawaii but worldwide as it truly does live up to its name of “Ocean Tuff”.

Quality Materials & Craftsmanship

Our weaves and braids are triple-checked for quality and consistency, which makes our jewelry some of the most durable, natural and unique jewelry you can find. Our designs are simple, yet elegant, classy and comfortable against the skin.

The Material used for Ocean Tuff Jewelry is an extremely strong waxed (natural beeswax) polyester  fiber (synthetic sinew), with each strand rated to support up to 70 lbs per strand. The majority of Ocean Tuff Jewelry is created using at least 3-6 strands, making it extremely durable. The material is water-friendly, rot/odor-resistant, and is made in the U.S.A.

Quality Guarantee

We guarantee the strength and durability of our material used for braids and weaves for life. If a weave or braid ever breaks or unravels, we will repair it for a small fee (plus shipping and return shipping). You can review our entire Return Policy here.